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Café de Cauca recognized by the SIC as a Protected Denomination of Origin
  • “To recognize and enhance origin is an integral part of the segmentation and added value strategy approved by the National Congress of Coffee Growers and the National Committee,” said Luis G. Muñoz CEO of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC).
  • “This is great news for more than 90,000 coffee growers from Cauca. Our goal is to keep working for the quality and transparency of the origin information provided to consumers,” said Gerardo Montenegro Executive Director of the Departmental Committee of Cauca. 

Bogotá, August 19/2011- The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) of Colombia granted on August 10th protected Denomination of Origin status to Café de Cauca. The FNC began this process in 2006 after a research project supported by the Inter-American Development Bank and led by the “Centro de Investigaciones de Café” (CENICAFÉ), Almacafé and the Departmental Coffee Grower´s Committee of Cauca. As a result, the FNC presented to the SIC the request for recognition of Café de Cauca as a Denomination of Origin.

A Denomination of Origin is a privileged status granted to agricultural products whose qualities are associated with their place of origin. Besides natural features like climate and soil conditions, a Denomination of Origin usually involve human, cultural and traditional attributes which are reflected on the development and harvesting processes of the product.

The Café de Colombia differentiation strategy has helped the FNC achieve significant recognitions: in 2005 Colombian coffee became the first Colombian product to be recognized by the SIC as a protected Denomination of Origin; likewise, in 2007 Café de Colombia was the first non European product to be recognized by the European Union (EU) as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in the EU.

The FNC recently launched the Spanish version (English edition soon to be launched) of Café de Cauca, which includes virtual trips to origin to explain clients and consumers the coffees attributes. This microsite can be found under the www.cafedecolombia.comsite.


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